Baby Persian
Valdosta, Georgia 31602

Welcome to our website!

I hope you enjoy looking at my kitties pictures as much as I do!

I would first like to say thank you to all that have helped me to make my dream come true! I have been truly blessed by some wonderful people! I have always loved the Persian cat from the time I was a small child.

Baby Persian is a very small cattery with few exceptional cats from some reputable breeders, including National and Regional lines. They were chosen for their excellent pedigrees, as well as their very sweet temperaments and serve wonderfully for our program. We want only the BEST for each kitty and to keep the CFA standards to better the Persian breed! We are located in Valdosta, Georgia. I am strictly a Hobby Breeder. Breeding for pets and show quality alike but more important breeding for the standard.

All kittens are hand raised in my home by myself and the help of my family, receiving 24/7 attention.

I am at home all day and have been very blessed! I am able to raise the kittens the way that they should be! At 6 weeks they get their first bath, then every week after, they are bathed. Each and every cat and kitten gets my full attention and has quality socialization time with me. The cats are all free to run the house and play! I don’t cage my cats. Groomed regularly and wiping faces daily so they don’t get stained faces is a lot of work! My cats are so sweet and friendly that they follow me from room to room.

Somebody said “a responsible breeder (and you'll note that a responsible breeder is NOT necessarily a show breeder) is someone who cares enough to know about the breed and who has a purpose in breeding a litter.

They are students of the breed. They try to learn all they can about the parents and lines of the cats they are breeding. They don't breed for the market or the money. Normally they breed because they think they can produce a quality kitten and perhaps keep one for themselves. With that in mind, they breed for a sound, healthy cat of their own.” And I completely agree with them. Kittens from responsible breeders are going to be costly, simply because the care and health testing (that they can SHOW you - never take anyone's "word" when you're shopping) they do is expensive.

Baby Persian is a PKD NEGATIVE cattery. All breeding adults here have been tested by us using UC Davis and all appropriate certificate are in my possession. Our cattery is free from any issue such as FELV/FIV, fungus, parasites, ear mites and fleas. When you purchase a Baby Persian kitten/cat, you are assured of getting a quality Persian with a written 1 year health guarantee against genetic defects.

The purpose of breeding programs is to contribute to the betterment of the breed, and so each new cat and new generation of cats is a learning tool to be used for improving the next generation.

All kittens are leaving freshly bathed, first set of shots, and in perfect condition. Anytime you have a question, I’ll be here to answer, because I care about them and love to hear from their new families, to see photos of them as they grow.

Due to the new USDA ruling---No pet kittens will be sold by Baby Persian unseen. You will need to make arrangements for yourself or someone of your choosing to see the kitten before purchasing.