Baby Persian
Valdosta, Georgia 31602

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All kittens reserved. No incoming litter as of now. We'll keep you posted!

"I'm a 'forever' cat, not an 'until' cat
I’m not an ‘until you get bored with me’ cat
I’m not an ‘until you find a girlfriend’ cat
I’m not an ‘until you have a baby’ cat
I’m not an ‘until you have to move’ cat
I’m not an ‘until you have no time’ cat
I’m not an ‘until I get old’ cat
I’m a ‘forever’ cat
If you can’t give me ‘forever’, then I’m not your cat!”

All kittens posted have a PET price. Breeding rights sold separately. For pets, they will be sold with a contract, so the purchaser will be responsible for spay/neuter at the appropriate age (between 6 -8 months old). We provide registration papers and pedigree of this cat/kitten upon presentation of a veterinarian’s certificate of spaying or neutering.

All kittens are handled from the time they are born and are extremely friendly when they leave our home to go to their new home. All kittens have their first set of shots and have been de-wormed. We let a kitten leave for his/her new home between 8-12 weeks old, when we considering they are old enough and trained. I care deeply where my babies go and make sure they are going to the homes that will honor and cherish their very special kitten/cat and will provide him/her the best food, toys, veterinary care, and love.

Anyway if you’re not likely to have the time or inclination to groom a cat on a daily basis, don’t even think of getting a Persian. They have a long and gorgeous coat but needs daily brushing, monthly baths, daily eyes cleaning, etc. They need you to play with them, to socialize and talk with them… because they are not only sweet and gentle but also very engaging and loving towards their human companions.

I know that buying a kitten is a big commitment and you have to talk with your family but please understand that I cannot hold a kitten with no deposit! The deposit is only $100 but is non refundable! Deposits are accepted in good faith as you are committing yourself to that kitten and I am considering the kitten reserved and turning away other potential buyers while caring, grooming and feeding for that kitten on your behalf. Deposits are required to hold a kitten for you. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH REFUNDS ARE GIVEN AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON. Purchasing a lifelong member of your family is a serious decision so please be sure you really want a Persian kitten.

Paypal payments accepted for all major credit cards, just please cover the 3% paypal fee. Email me for quick and easy invoicing.

When inquiring about a kitten, please introduce yourself. Also include where you are located and what kind of kitten you are looking for, if you have any other pets in your home, if you had owned a Persian before, if you have children, etc.

Ramona Cazacenco