Baby Persian
Valdosta, Georgia 31602

SUNSHINE - Calico Van

She was my first baby. These are pictures of her including the moment I first laid eyes on her. I knew the moment I saw her picture that she was my baby…and still is my little spoiled princess. Right now she is more queen than princess but for me is still a baby, so sweet and lovely…we were meant to be together and the joy she has brought to my life is more than words can say!

For this wonderful baby I can’t thank enough to Shari Stokes of Wuvpaws Persian for trusting me with her!

SOPHIE - Torbie

I am so blessed to have this girl as my foundation queen!

I cannot even begin to express my gratitude to Danette Rudden of Snugglebug Persian, for the privilege and honor of having such an incredible kitten here! She has the biggest eyes I think I’ve ever seen on any cat, a beautiful long and silky hair, exactly like her father (IW SGC Whozz The Bouncer of Snugglebug !) and she is a sugar baby! Always in my lap, purring or sleeping next to me in couch, working together at laptop…also she is one of the best mothers any breeder could hope to have in their cattery!

SUGAR KISS - Black and White

SUGAR KISS is exactly the same way as her name, sweet and ready for kisses every minute. She is playful and still kitten personality as adult. Lovely girl and we hope she will produce beautiful kittens with both our kings